Melanie's Day Spa

"A Better Spa Experience"

Client Testimonials

7/23/15  Danielle H.  Norton, Ma

My first time at Melanie's Day Spa this weekend and I had a facial with Alecia.  Absolutely no doubt I will be back!  She was fantastic!

2/24/14  Sandy S.  N. Easton, Ma

Melanie does an awesome job and is very inviting. I live about 25 minutes away and last month decided to try a local shop, what a mistake! I called Melanie yesterday and scheduled another appointment, her services are well worth the drive


2/18/14  Linda A.  Somerset, Ma

I had my first facial and it will not be my last. It was a fabulous experience, I  can't recall the last time I felt this relaxed. I loved it and will be a return customer for sure!


1/5/14    Leo, G., Middleborough, Ma
It seems there is no shortage of Day Spa's and massage therapists in Eastern Massachusetts. Just look in the Yellow pages or online social networks and you'll likely find a half dozen within a five mile radius of your location.
    As an aging athlete I've tried many through the years and without a doubt, the most pleasant, and capable masseuse I've come across is Melanie. Now not everyone needs a double session, deep tissue massage as I do, many prefer a lighter touch I'm sure. But having the ability and desire to cater to the needs of every individual is an art form that deserves recognition. And although I haven't used the services such as a facial, or waxing, I have given women gift certificates for these services and they were very pleased with their sessions.
    Simply stated, Melanie is a wonderful woman who won't disappoint. And without a doubt, her employees reflect the same passion and commitment to excellence as does she.

12/9/14  Karen A., N. Easton, Ma

Bought a living social for Melanie's Day Spa, for a massage.  Samantha was my massage therapist.  It was the BEST massage I have ever received.  The spa is beautiful and all new inside.  I filled out the client forms when I arrived and I liked how the questions were about ME and what I wanted out of the massage.  I have a rotator cuff injury and sciatica.  Samantha focused on those areas and it hurt so good (if you have pain, you know what I mean).  I left there totally relaxed, but also pain free.  It was over a 40 minute drive for me, but I am going to go back once a month to Samantha to keep my pain in check.  I've had more than 50 massages over the span of my life, and like I said, this was the best massage I've ever had.

11/25/13    Carole D., Raynham, Ma

Melanie's Day Spa is a tranquil beautiful place.  Melanie is a wonderful massage therapist.  The Spa offers a full range of services including massage, waxing, facials, body treatments and botox.  Melanie uses high end GM Collin facial products.  I LOVE spending an hour at this SPA.  Reasonably priced. Flexible hours (including Sundays!)

11/20/13    James H., Lakeville, Ma

This is the most professional and comfortable day spa I have been to. I highly recommend Melanie's massages and scrubs! This place is Awesome!  

10/2/13    Maria S., Taunton, Ma

I agree 100% with Colleen. The spa is inviting and clean. Melanie is professional yet warm. The massage, itself, was amazing.  Melanie has plans to offer more services it the very near future. I highly recommend you give it a try. You will not be disappointed!

9/14/13    Colleen R., East Taunton, Ma

I had my very first massage today and I am so glad I came here! Melanie was very professional and comforting. As soon as you walk in it is elegant and stylish. From the time I crawled into the heated massage table to the time I walked out the door I knew this place would be my go to for any of my massage or waxing needs. I would recommend anyone I know to come here.

9/9/13    Jim J., Middleboro, Ma

I have been to several Day Spas, However this one beats them all by a mile!  I have had 3 massages and 1 body scrub at Melanie's.  The people there are extremely nice  and kind. They make you feel 100% comfortable and allow you to be in a state of relaxation alone just by the atmosphere they create.  The massages are wonderful and I come out feeling like a new person.  They perform there massage in a very even flow, none of this start/stop abruptly stuff - and each area is worked on as it is the most important.  They actually are passionate about what they do, instead of its  just a job mentality.  Because I was so comfortable there, I actually tried a body scrub for the first time..... and all I can say is it's  just wonderful!   So anyone who is looking to feel comfortable and a massage that will make you feel new again...... your missing out if you don't try this place!